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  • Aven Leidigh (Friday, August 04 23 02:13 pm EDT)

    So sad you are retiring ! We all wish you the best . Thanks for the many awesome subs ! The muni heavy shop crew

  • Kevin Lewis (Monday, March 27 23 05:32 pm EDT)

    Today 3/27/23 was the first time I have ever been to MVP and it was seriously F***ing amazing! I ordered the Triple Crown and it was hands down the BEST sub I have ever had in my life. The only person that can top that is Kevin, with one of his other subs. I CAN NOT WAIT to try all of them.

  • Dawna (Saturday, March 26 22 03:40 pm EDT)

    MVP subs are super delicious with very high quality meat!
    The pastrami MVP is full of beautiful lean meat, and is delicious, but in my opinion the real star is the pizza with house made sausage. I went to UofI, and this sausage brings back happy pizza memories. Even better than ordering Lou Malnati’s from Goldbelly.

  • MJ (Saturday, March 27 21 01:32 pm EDT)

    Just tried your place yesterday. I had the 3 Pointer. It was truly the best sandwich I have had in a long time. Thank you

  • Robert (Saturday, October 31 20 05:41 pm EDT)

    I heard about this place word of mouth. I ate the 1/2 pound MVP Pastrami Sandwich. So worth it and I am coming back for more.
    There goes my diet.

  • Thomas Haun (Saturday, October 24 20 04:25 am EDT)

    Came in with my wife and son late on a Friday Kevin insisted we sit down and eat watched World Series talked some Sports Good food best sub ive had in Alaska period not even close. Will absolutely be back.

  • Joel (Tuesday, November 19 19 05:39 pm EST)

    I don't usually leave reviews, But this place deserves it. It was very busy when I went and they were understaffed, I was concerned that the quality of my sandwich would suffer, not the case at all. Hands down the best Sub I have had since I moved to Alaska.

  • Chris Lewis (Sunday, September 01 19 02:28 pm EDT)

    Now there's no reason left to want to move back home. Outstanding food that really tastes like it's from Chicago.
    Kevin - Amazing food, nice Chicago Sports memorabilia!

  • allcanelovsjacobs (Tuesday, March 26 19 05:03 am EDT)

    Thank you so much.

  • Jonathan (Friday, March 08 19 06:10 pm EST)

    Still the best sandwiches in town!

  • David Burman (Friday, January 18 19 07:27 pm EST)

    Congratulations on being named #1 sandwich in Alaska by I have been a huge fan from day one. Way to go Kevin!

  • Joe (Tuesday, June 19 18 08:07 pm EDT)

    Came in and had the Super Bowl. So good, first time in the new location, looks great, will be back again.

  • Stan Church (Wednesday, June 06 18 05:39 am EDT)

    My Roommate Told Me About MVP Deli Over The Phone And Asked If I Wanted To Go Half's On A Pastrami (1 Lb ) I Said Sure, Not Knowing Just How Big It Was, Man Was I Surprised At The Size Of It!! So Good We Went Back 2 Days Later. Will Tell All My Friends. Good Job MVP I'll Be Back!!!

  • Charity (Saturday, December 09 17 08:11 pm EST)

    Best potato salad ever!! Sandwiches are great too. We always let people know about MVP.

  • John (Tuesday, October 24 17 03:22 am EDT)

    I got one of those "dip" sandwiches on saturday night. It was literally the BEST sandwich I have ever had!! I wish I wasn't on a diet, or I would be there twice a week!!!

  • Kim Hancox (Friday, August 25 17 05:23 pm EDT)

    What a terrific place! I called to place a large order for my office and they were so accommodating and kind. Thank you for wonderful food and great conversation. (Minus the Da' Bears plug) Go Lions!

  • jasmine (Tuesday, August 15 17 01:01 am EDT)

    Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!

  • Devin (Saturday, December 03 16 12:20 pm EST)

    Love this place so much!! Took a couple buddies in and ate the 9 pounder; DEFINITELY WORTH EVERY PENNY!
    Great staff, great environment, and the best subs in town.

  • Joe (Friday, September 30 16 02:29 pm EDT)

    Great food! Came in and had the MVP Pro, so good! Loved it, I'll be back again, told coworkers, thank you again!

  • Rachel (Thursday, May 19 16 12:44 pm EDT)

    Such great subs!! Ordered for a work lunch and ate every bite! Will definitely order from them again (and again)!

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