MVP UPDATE  -  COVID 19 (Coronavirus) 



(1) DELIVERY is now avaiable for LUNCH ONLY (11 am - 1 pm)  - minimums apply!


(2) MVP will be open Monday - Saturday from 11 am - 8 pm for call-in and online orders for curbside pickup

     only. Most orders will be completed within 1 hour in the call sequence received. You will be notified  by  

     phone 10 minutes prior to your order being ready for pick up. Thank you for choosing MVP for your dining



(3) MVP'S restrooms will not be open to the public.


(4) MVP will not have any seating. The toppings bar will be closed. 


(5) All call-in and online customers must wait in their vehicle until their order is ready for pick up. 



In accordance with the Municipality of Anchorage and the

Emergency Order signed by the Mayor, MVP will be in full compliance

and will be closing our dining room until March 31, 2020 to

preserve public safety and welfare.





* MVP (Pastrami Cheesesteak)


Alaska Dispatch News: (2016)




"Rookie" (1/2 lb. - meat & cheese)


MVP'S Signature Sub


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* MVP uses a beef brisket (flat cut), corned & dried. Then, the beef brisket is converted and


transformed into homemade pastrami via a secret family recipe of “dry-rub,” special spices,


seasonings, and a very slow cooking process, including, broiling for a hardened outer crust. Then,


added, are a homemade creamy Italian white cheddar cheese sauce; topped w/a homemade FRESH,


one-of-a-kind, Italian relish. Total prep/cooking time 2-1/2 days.

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3 POINTER - ROAST BEEF "Pro" (1 lb. - meat & cheese); Customer's Way.


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HAT TRICK (Monster Club) - "Pro" (1 lb. - meat & cheese); w/Da MVP TOUCH!"


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SUPER BOWL "Pro" (1 lb. - meat & cheese); "w/Da MVP TOUCH!"


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